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1111 Divine Intervention


This is my son's reading. That project came! Opportunity knocked he took it ..even tho he was in his 3rd,year of on!

So glad I came across You! Thank You.🙄

Savannah Lisa Chase

Wow, this is my first time watching, I was divinely guided because this reading is spot on for me! You can't make these cards up!

Teresa Smith

Great reading. It hit home for me, I appreciate it. Keep doing ur thing !

Josh Rose

This hit me like a brick. Wow! Pretty accurate to say the least.. Thank you. You just helped me! Namaste.


Spot on awesome reading .. Merry Christmas to you and a great new year God bless..xo

Kimberly Lenahan

Beautiful! Thank you so much.

Tara Green

Love love love your reading... so spot on!! Thank you

Kathleen Clayton

Wow! This is the story of my life and exactly what I’ve been experiencing!

Maria Terese

Thank you!! Incredibly accurate, felt like it was directed at me! ❤️❤️ Many blessings, thank you again xx

Martyna Kalka

I'm speechless! Thanks so much, first comment I have ever made. To any card reader, I just had to.

Krista Thibodeaux



I am so glad that I found your readings. Amazing interpretations.......!!!!

Icazn Zuke

Thank you for another great reading that resonates highly 🌷🌷🌷

Therese Nydahl

Beautiful reading! Thank you!

Maria Addison

Very good. U have such a genuine energy about yourself; a passion for what u do. I just subscribed. Thank you.

Tina Plakinger

young lady thank you you are so good you have no idea January 2017 I was 285 lb of fat start working out at my gym when paying no attention to nothing but my health found out my wealth was in my health here it is it is November I'm a perfect 242 lb perfect no body fat got my head together when I walk into the gym I'm treated like a movie star I have a lot of admirers and suitors but my focus now is on my financial abundance thanks for your reading but I love being single for the first time in my life I'm in love with myself not a big head eagle not selfish I love everybody and I wish everybody blessings abundance prosperity and specially Libras and you two of you deserve it very good reading God bless you love you

Isac Mitchell

Awesome reading! Thank you!

Tonya Worley

Aloha and Mahalo Diane Edwards (hugs) that was such an inspiring reading🤙I greatly appreciate that reading you did and very hopeful in a change in everything in my life! Thank u with all my love

T Cristobal

Your reading was amazing!!!! It felt 200% for me!

Rachael Lander


Janice Carino

God your an angel a beautiful reading spot spot on ......

Theresa Hossain

Unreal how talented you are God bless you .....

Rogelio Perez

Hi Diane I just wanted to say thank you for this reading it was amazingly accurate and it did relate to me. I went back to Sept & Oct and wow amazing! You have a gift ........

Sunny D

Youtube video comment

Your general reading hit home with me! Thank you Diane, I just tuned in and have liked and subscribed to your channel. You're awesome!!!

FJ Banks

Youtube video comment

I am so glad that I found your readings. Amazing interpretations.......!!!!

Icazn Zuke

OMG !!! WOW !!! Thank you Sister for these messages and important info ... IT IS ABOUT TIME BLESSING ,LUCK , $ , ABUNDANCE , AND MORE COME IN MY LIFE VERY SOON ...

bernadette Pergolese

Thank you for this positive reading! Greatly appreciated God bless you, you are very intuitive!

Mary smith

Youtube video comment

U are AMAZING! First time viewing one of ur readings! I love love love ur upbeat vibes. U rock!

Lori Balch

Youtube video comment

Subscribed .. beautiful reading You come across so beautifully .. You Seriously made my day .. !! Thank YOU .. !! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Darcelle Bishop

Youtube video comment

This reading is really spot on. Thank you, WOW! You are an amazing tarot reader.❤❤❤

Lana Van Esch

Youtube video comment

I'm Libra my husband is Aquarius....we parted and now we're working at getting back together. We are soulmates our breakup happened because there was a breakdown in communication. We're now talking things through ' and we're being honest with each other. We live apart but feel no rush to live together and life is good. Yesterday we celebrated twenty two years of marriage. Your reading was brilliant and I've subscribed. Thank you.

Patricia Millar

Youtube video comment

Wow! I'm an Aquarius and my Fiance is a are so amazing..i subscribed instantly! Thank you so much for the awesome reading!

Bianka Marie

Youtube video comment

Ready to let it in! Needs to show up!! <3 Thanks so much! Crazy good reading - come to me please!!!! xoxo

Omni Girl

Youtube video comment

Thank you so  very much. I will definitely be getting future readings from you. You have a true gift.



Thank you sincerely for your guidance and time today. What a pleasure and a gift (Ok...and a relief!) to know you.


North Carolina, US

I just finished listening to your amazing reading and want to congratulate you for taking the step forward and going public with your readings. You are so gifted and I can hardly wait for your November readings. You hit the nail on the head with my sun and rising signs. You have given me the gift of happiness. I have worked so very hard to attain my goals and I'm finally seeing my dreams come true. Thank you for confirming everything and thank you for your reading. I love you!!!!!

Mary Poirrier

Youtube video comment

I don't know if it's all Pisces but your reading is just astonishingly accurate, at least on this end of the equation. how in the world?? here's a male Pisces with very strong Sag Moon totally head over heels with Sag Female w Leo ascendant and Virgo Moon. you sure give hope no matter how remote right now...


Youtube video comment

Thank you!! So much guidance that it is crazy. I am so grateful for getting in contact with you!

A. Civill


Omg, Thank you, Diane Edwards!!! This reading has great meaning for me. Thank you, for all the joyful positivity and encouragement !! Gratitude, Virgo Sun

Diane Pegus

Youtube comment

" I am always skeptical, but Diane has changed that for me. Back in December 2016, before Christmas, she had this awesome sale which allowed me to test out Diane's gift. I had a lot of things on my mind. She had told me about my health issues, that I had all the answers and I knew how to fix things, but I wasn't trying my hardest. I was offended at the time because I felt like I was. But I did take her advice to doing more research as to why I'm sick and gaining so much weight. This took some time, but I eventually figured out some things about myself. I'm happy to say I'm not sick, and currently have lost over 40 pounds! One thing that blew my mind, is my chronic back issue that I've had for 5 years. I have been to 20 different doctors, all saying it was my weight, and no one would listen to me when I said it was a problem before the weight. Diane said it was my posture, I couldn't believe that, because I stood upright and never slouch. When I finally got to see the physiotherapist, he told me I have a pelvic tilt, and I needed to correct my posture. This blew my mind and I couldn't believe it... truly saved my life. God bless."


Alberta, Canada

Eerie how accurate! Spot-on!

Amy Elliot

Youtube video comment

" You are an amazing Intuit to the Divine. Your healing energy is potent and alive. You then transfer it to others who need guidance in life. I want to thank you for giving me direction on my journey. You are an inspiration to others. ❤ "


Victoria, BC

This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much. Just what I needed.

Payal Jain

Youtube video comment

"From the moment I began speaking to Diane, I immediately felt comforted. You can feel her amazing soothing presence even through the phone. She broke down for me the main areas I wanted to focus on, and we discussed them until I was satisfied. She has a lovely personality and instantly makes you feel like you're talking to an old friend. Everything about the timing that we met and the guidance she gave me was magical! I feel incredibly blessed to have received her guidance and greatly look forward to speaking to her again."


Ottawa, ONT, Canada

I'm giving a testimonial on the guidance I received from Diane. I found her to be very thorough, attentive, and kind. A lot of what she said seems to be true to my life. I would recommend her to anyone. I came out feeling stronger and more sure of myself then I had been before."


Calgary, AB, Canada

This was one of the best readings I've ever heard. Very accurate for me. Thank you for sharing your gifts. ♡♡♡


Youtube video comment

" I have had a few appointments with Diane and think she's awesome! She was quick to pick up on things from my past, is very down to earth, and easy to talk to. I will definitely be one of her repeat customers."


ONT, Canada

.....Just discovered your channel, and you're incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!🙏🏼Namaste.✌️

Jen Campanini

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